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On behalf of the Cheatham Street Warehouse Family, it is with the deepest sorrow that we announce the passing of Kent Finlay in the early morning Monday, March 2. Kent was surrounded by family and friends telling stories and swapping songs when he passed.

Kent was the long time owner of Cheatham Street Warehouse, the legendary San Marcos-based venue known best for the songwriter circle he hosted Wednesday nights. Kent was a dedicated songwriter, mentor to hundreds of others and perhaps most importantly a dreamer. Kent's limitless passion for music and songwriting inspired him to create Cheatham Street Warehouse, a launching pad for countless young artists. His inspiration, talent, humor and guidance truly will be missed.

Jenni, Sterling, HalleyAnna and the rest of the entire Cheatham Street Family wish to thank you for your thoughts, prayers and support during this time.
Plans for a memorial service are still pending at this time and will be announced as soon as details emerge.
In lieu of flowers, donation can be made to the Cheatham Street MusicFoundation.

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Cheatham Street Music Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing, promoting, preserving, and perpetuating Texas music. Born of the decades of music made at the legendary Cheatham Street Warehouse, the CSMF is particularly involved in the art, craft, and business of songwriting.

Our goal is to promote the advancement of education in songwriting by conducting songwriting classes, workshops, seminars, public forums, panels, lectures, concerts and similar programs.

We will also perpetuate the legacy of the Cheatham Street Warehouse by promoting, developing and nurturing songwriters and musicians. In order to achieve this goal, CSMF must preserve the warehouse. Since CSMF purchased the building in 2012, this has been the primary, and ongoing, focus of the Foundations's efforts.

According to Casey Monahan, director of the Texas Music Office, “Cheatham Street has played a pivotal role in commercializing new country music in Central Texas. Young artists at Cheatham Street are provided with an enthusiastic crowd, an historic stage, and the sage advice of a wise music industry professional, owner Kent Finlay. Many ‘baby bands’ have developed longtime fans through the exposure they gained at Cheatham Street Warehouse.”

We hope that by encouraging a greater public understanding of the history of Texas music through community-based interaction between songwriters, performance artists, and civic and educational groups, we can foster a deeper appreciation of the role of music in the economic, social, and cultural life of Texas.

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